Hunting Times & Weather For Port Loring Monday, November 14 2011

Good morning.  Well missed a couple days here as I was away visiting my son in St Catharines for a few days.  Temperature is going to reach 54 °f and dip to 40 °flater on tonight. Barometer is falling and sitting at the moment at 28.67 in Hg. Winds are from the west at around 5 MPH.  The moon will Rise: 7:50 PM & Set: 10:39 AM.  It will be Overhead: 2:48 AM & Underfoot: 3:14 PM.

Moon phase today is Solunar Table Moon Phase is 87% percent waning gibbous  87% Waning Gibbous.

The sun rose this morning at 7:17 AM and will Set: 4:48 PM.

On the way in on the 522 last night I seen lot of hunters all set up along side of the road in trailer’s enjoying the hunt. The old weather stick says the best times to be out there today will be from 10:39 AM to 11:39 AM then again from 3:14 PM – 5:14 PM.  Had a few Emails letting me know that the time are greatly appreciated and that they had their deer for the year.  Can’t beat that huh?  Well….I am just happy folks are using them.  I always say if there is an old remedy that helps one out, hey why not use it.

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