News For Port Loring Tuesday, November 15 2011

Well not to much is happening in an around town. Most folks are in the bush with families, hunting and enjoying life. Myself I have some cleaning to do in my shop so It will be ready to start making my flutes and things. One thing I hate is a shop with things laying all over the place and at the moment that is the way it is. So get myself out there in a bit and straighten things up. Visiting our son in the big city did give me a chance to pick up some shop items, like sandpaper for my machines and different items that one can’t buy around here. I got to go to through that Costco store they got down there and I have to say they sure have a pile of stuff and at good prices too. Only thing I don’t like about it is they make you pay so much a year to shop there. But works out good, as my son is a member so I can go in with him. One also can order on line I see too.

My wife and I did have a good time, living so far apart I don’t get to see my Son Craig, Daughter in law and Grandson that often.  So when we do my wife and I try and make the most of it.  Was a good trip down and back also, old car perked right along thanks to Kerry here in town, as he is the feller that keeps it running.  Well had better go, got a nice hot tea here waiting for me.  Every morning my wife has a tea together and do some chattin’  We call it talk a tea.   LOL  Then later on if weather permits we do some front porch sittin’ with a nice cup of perked organic coffee.  One last item, don’t forget that my wife and I  are having a book signing at Gulliver’s in North Bay this coming Saturday, November 19 from 1:00 PM till 3:00 PM, hope to see you all there.  Have a great day my friends, stay safe if out hunting, get some sunshine which we all need so badly and cya all back here again tomorrow morning.

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