News, Weather & Hunting Times For Port Loring Wednesday, November 16 2011

Good morning.  Not a bad lookin’ day out there, sun is shinning and not to cold.  Temperature is going to reach 45 °f and then dip to 35 °f later on tonight.  Barometer this morning is holding steady at 28:82 in Hg.  Winds are calm at 5 MPH coming in from the west.   The old weather stick says the best time to be out hunting today will be from 11:53 AM – 12:53 PM, then again from 4:54 PM – 6:54 PM.   Had a fellow call yesterday and said he got a book ten minutes into the times I posted yesterday.  So guess my old Grandfathers method of figuring out the times is still working for some.  Also believe though you got to be in the right place along with the right time.   Any ways, today the moon will Rise: 10:01 PM & Set: 11:53 AM. It will be
Overhead: 4:29 AM & Underfoot: 4:54 PM.

The Phase of the moon today is Solunar Table Moon Phase is 70% percent waning gibbous 70% Waning Gibbous.

Old Mr. Sunshine got out of bed at 7:21 AM and will set: 4:45 PM.   Real short days now my friends one can be in bed enjoying the sheets any time after five LOL LOL.

News For Port Loring

Not much happening again today. Did walk down to visit Darrell at the garage here in town for a bit. I have always figured a bit of chattin’ is good for ones soul. Especially with friends. Picked up a jug of Mike’s Maple Syrup while there and will pour a bit of it over some of my lovely wife’s pancakes here this morning.   Pretty hard to beat his syrup for taste let me tell ya. Not to forget how good it is for ya.  He has it there at the garage for sale if interested.  Guess that’s it, so you all have a great day, stay safe and get some sunshine.  My wife and I did just that yesterday, did some front porch sittin’ and enjoyed two cups of perked coffee soaking in the sun.  Talk to you all tomorrow morning.

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