Weather, News & Hunting Times For Port Loring Ontario

Good morning.  Well another good lookin’ day out there. A touch cooler, but this time of year that is expected.  I am thinking colder weather will be settling here in Port Loring with in a week. Temperature is going to reach 35 °f today and then dip to 29 °f tonight.  Might need that extra blanket. Barometer is slowly rising and at the moment sitting at 28:97 in Hg.  Winds are from the west again this morning at around 13 MPH.  For the hunters in our area, the old weather stick says the best times to be out there lookin’ for your price buck, will be from 12:23 PM – 1:23 PM.  But one could come out anywhere at any time.   The moon will Rise: 11:11 PM & Set: 12:23 PM.  It will be
Overhead: 5:19 AM & Underfoot: 5:44 PM.

Moon Phase today is Solunar Table Moon Phase is 60% percent waning gibbous  60% Waning Gibbous.

The sun woke this morning at 7:21 AM and will set: 4:45 PM.

News For Port Loring

Well things are quiet.   Just that time of year folks.  Resorts are closed or closing up for the season.  Others are out hunting.  And quite a few that I know are headin’ south to warmer temperatures.  Can’t say I blame them neither, as at the moment the roads are clear of snow and once across the boarder heading into the good old USA, every mile gets warmer, that is if your pointing south.  For a good number of years my wife and I headed on down, leaving every year the second week in November.  Had a cottage in Sarasota Florida, nice spot, close to everything including some great fishing spots.  Hooked on many a big reds down there and sheep heads.  Can’t say I tasted any better other than our Walleye up here in Port Loring.  Large mouth bass is pretty tasty too though, along with our medium size pike.     Had some good times down there and look forward in going down again.  Well you all have a great day, stay safe and will say hello right here tomorrow morning.

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