Important News For Port Loring & District Wednesday, November 23 2011

Got a bit for folks to ponder on this morning.  Last night I attended a meeting at the Nursing Station relating to our Ambulance Service here in town and at the end of the night a good healthy plan was set in effect.  Danny Brooks in his own words said; I feel we are moving forward in a supportive direction for the long-term solutions to keeping our Ambulance service alive & well in the Argyle area.  A recruiting drive will also be sent out to the community via the Argyle Fire Department Quarterly Newsletter (January 2012 edition) and the Local Services Board web page bulletin board.

When this news letter comes out I urge everyone that lives in our area to take a look at it for yourselves, as I am sure it will ease everyone’s mind, along with quenching ones thirst of what is happening with our ambulance service here in Port Loring.  Let me assure you that there is lots being done to assure that we keep and maintain our ambulance service and once the news letter comes out it will eliminate any false rumours which manages to show their selves occasionally  as in all towns across Canada at one time of another.  Soon as the news letter is put out I will have it entered here on our Local Service Board’s Web Site for all to see.  Have a great day.

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