News, Weather & Hunting Times For Port Loring Friday, November 25 2011

Good morning.  Well cloudy day out there this morning.  Rain is in the forecast later on if not sooner.  Looks like a few days of it heading our way.  Temperature is going to reach 44 °f and then drop to 40 °f later on tonight.  Barometer is falling and at the moment sitting at 29:00 in Hg.  Winds are from the West coming in at 10 MPH.  The old weather stick says the best time to be out there today hunting will be from 12:34 PM – 2:34 PM.  Thinking you might be wise in bringing a rain coat. Out of five I give it a four star day.  The moon will Rise: 8:02 AM & Set: 5:02 PM.  It will be Overhead: 12:34 PM & Underfoot: 12:02 AM.

Moon Phase today is Solunar Table Moon Phase is 0% percent new moon 0% NEW MOON.

The sun is up there behind some clouds and it rose at  7:32 AM and will set at 4:38 PM, giving us 9 hrs. 06 minutes of daylight today.

News For Port Loring

Had our Local Service Boards Meeting last night.   Our Budget passed for another year.  Taxes only went up a dollar or two per household and that was to cover the increase in costs of things.   We also will be getting some new play ground equipment for our Community Center.  So now when an event is happening, at the center, the young ones has a place to play and stay safe.  It is a really nice set up for sure and come spring make sure you drop by and take a look. If you have young ones, bring them along, as after all it is for them.  Our office for the Local Service’s Board is almost complete and come the new year we are hoping to have it set up ready for the public to have a look. Long time coming and much needed.  The two signs that I am looking after for Highway 522, one coming in from Highway 69 and the other coming in from Highway 11 should be up come spring.  Just got to set down with the sign folks in the coming days to straighten a few things out.  Also would like to say here our Web Site and Blog is going really well.  We have been getting a great flow of folks dropping by to take a look at things.  The web site and Blog belongs to the community and is there for all, so remember if you are in need for information this is the place to come to, if you would like some information made public, with in reason, let me know and it will be added.  So guess that is it for today.   Tea time here and will cya all right back here tomorrow morning.

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