Port Loring’s News, Weather & Hunting Times Saturday, November 26 2011

Good morning.  Not a bad day temperature wise.  Temperature is going to reach 49 °f  then later on this evening drop to 40 °f.  Barometer is rising and at the moment sitting at 29:15 in Hg.  Winds are calm from the North East.  Cooler temperatures will come into our area all next week.  Will even get a bit of the white stuff mid week I am thinking.  The old weather stick this morning says that the best time to be out there hunting will be from 1:36 PM – 3:36 PM.  The moon will rise at 9:06 AM & set at 6:05 PM.  It will be overhead at 1:36 PM & underfoot at1:05 AM.

Moon Phase today Solunar Table Moon Phase is 3% percent waxing crescent 3% Waxing Crescent.

Old Mr. Sunshine got out of bed at 7:33 AM and will set at 4:38 PM, giving us 9 hrs. 05 minutes of daylight today.

  News For Port Loring & District

For those that would like to learn more about computers, you are in luck as the folks at our Library here in Loring which is located inside our school, will give you the help you need, no charge.  Times to be there will be  Monday from 5:30 PM till 7:30 AM every week.  So no reason now for you not upgrading your skills.  And in a atmosphere that makes it easy too.  If you would like to attend their next meeting and see for yourselves how things are run you can do that too, just turn up on December 14th at 9:30 AM.  Our next meeting for the Local Service Board will be December 8th at 7:30 PM at the Lions Den in Arnstein.  Meeting usually lasts a couple hours.

I would also like to mention here for those that needs the front end of their car lined up, that the place to go is Giesler Marine  located in Powassan Ontario.  Ask for Bernie out back and tell him George Walters from Port Loring sent ya.  Today it is hard to find someone honest and reliable to do ones work.   Bernie bends over backwards to fill your needs and then some. No pushing things on you that you don’t need, just quality workmanship on the spot.  While your there take a look around their show room, as it is filled with all kinds of new Ski-Doo Sleds for this coming season, not to forget them four wheelers too along with much much more. Great place my friends and Christmas is just around the corner.  Have a great day and I will cya all right back here tomorrow morning.

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