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Good morning.  Not a bad lookin’ day out there this morning.  A bit cloudy but sun will shine as the day goes by.  Temperature is going to reach 29 °f and then drop to 24 °flater on tonight.  The barometer is rising and sittin’ at 29.41 in Hg.  Winds are from the North West here this morning coming in at around 5 MPH.  No more snow accumulations over night.  For the hunters that are still out there the old weather stick says the best time to be out there will be from 12:32 PM – 1:32 PM. Not the greatest day for hunting but in the right spot at the right time, who knows?  The moon will rise today at 12:32 PM and set at 12:39 AM.  It will be overhead at 6:37 PM and underfoot at 6:16 AM.

Moon Phase today is Solunar Table Moon Phase is 50% percent first quarter  50%  First Quarter.

The sun is up there waiting for a few clouds to get out of its way so it can show itself.  It awoke this morning at 7:41 AM and will Set at 4:35 PM, giving us here in Port Loring         8 hrs. & 54 minutes of daylight today.

News for Port Loring

Well with Christmas now not to far off I see a lot of store are having sales.  For myself I have to admit I like looking at the flyers that comes out once a week.  Not that we buy a lot of stuff anymore, but interesting just the same, to see what they can drop the prices of things down too.  Kind of makes a fellow wonder if they can sell these things once a week at half the price, or lower, why they couldn’t just drop it a touch all the time.  I know, it’s Christmas and these sales on certain items are put in place for a reason.  Reason being, to get you into their store in the hope you will buy more.  Good idea in theory I suppose.   One has to have the will power to just go in and buy the sales and come home.  My wife and I still buy presents for out boys, well guess I shouldn’t call them boys as they are both are getting up there and now our new Grandson Cole whom came into the picture last summer.  Cute little feller let me tell ya, and right at the moment into everything.  Just a going concern.  My wife’s and I’s presents are ourselves and kind of has been that way for most of all our married life together, which as a matter of fact is over thirty six years.  Picked her up when she was only a spring chicken and decided to keep her.  Well probably the other way around.  Putting up with this old feller all these years hasn’t been the easiest I suspect.  We still put up a real tree every year and I look forward in watching my wife decorate it.  Seems Christmas isn’t really here, till the tree is sittin’ in the corner surrounded with presents with the lights just a twinkling away.  Kind of makes me feel sad and happy all in one.  I guess I shouldn’t say my wife and I have never bought presents for each other as we have.  Only thing was that when we did have enough money back on the farm, the present usually would be something that we could use to make us money like a tractor, disc, plow, some different tools things like that. I guess you could  say it was the gift that keeps on giving.    Well guess I should go, I lit the old wood stove in the shop so it warms up some for some work I want to do, so should go and check that out.  Then have a tea or two and see what the day brings me.  Enjoy your day my friends and cya all back here tomorrow morning.

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