Flu Shots Your Choice Make The Right One.

Every year, Powers that be and its pawns  get a little bit more aggressive in their push for full compliance with the flu vaccine agenda. And this year, they are targeting faith-based groups and the leaders of such groups, which include pastors, priests, rabbis, and imams — to promote flu vaccines to their members during religious services, and even to partner with local drug stores to hold flu vaccine clinics.

It is simply amazing that so many folks are still willing to go out and subject their body to a vaccine that is far from being proven to doing what they suggest it is dong.  I wouldn’t hesitate  to say that there is more behind these folks wanting you to get the shot than just concerns about your health.  I believe that the folks that have taken the flu shots over the past few years will in turn pay dearly.  The body can handle the modern day flu and colds all on its own. It always has and always will.   The more we keep putting these drugs into our system the weaker our body becomes and in turn we all become more sicker.  My opinion only.

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