Port Loring’s News, Weather & Hunting Times Tuesday, December 13 2011

So how’s it all going this morning?  Good I hope.  For myself life moves on and I have to say I enjoy each an every day that is brought to being.  Can’t wait to get to bed at night and can’t wait to start the day each morning as it arrives.   Problems arise that is for certain but never without a solution close at hand if one so chooses to look.  Temperature is going to reach 38 °f through out the day and then drop to only 33 °f later on tonight.  Pretty darn nice weather temperature wise I would think, especially for this time of year.  The barometer is holding steady at 29.44 in Hg this morning.  The winds are calm from the west.  We should see a bit of sunshine a bit later on in the day if things goes to plan. For the hunters still out there the old weather stick says the best times will be from 2:52 PM – 4:52 PM.  Should be a pretty good day for hunting. The moon will Rise: 7:53 PM &
Se at 9:56 AM.  It will be Overhead at 2:27 AM and underfoot at 2:52 PM.

Moon Phase today is Solunar Table Moon Phase is 90% percent waning gibbous 90% Waning Gibbous.

The sun was up this morning at 7:52 AM and will set at 4:33 PM, giving us today 8 hrs. 41 mins. of daylight.  Still loosing a bit each day.

News For Port Loring

Again quiet out there.  But here at our home we been busy.  Yesterday my wife and I went for a drive and cut down our yearly Christmas tree.  Got a nice one this year and will look really nice when all decorated up.  Got it sitting outside by the shop at the moment, till we get things prepared for its grand entrance.  Nothing more entices me than watching the tree being decorated by my lovely wife, while sipping hot chocolate and listening to some soft Christmas music.  The real tree has been a tradition here at our home and our boys even into today still, looks forward to waking up Christmas morning to the tree, surrounded by gifts that Santa brought through out the night.  Some years presents were scarce I can remember, but no matter what, even if I had to make things myself, there was always some gifts in the offering come Christmas morning.  Well have a great day my friends.  Enjoy your day and for those that aren’t in the Christmas spirit yet, just think of that movie Scrooge and a whole new meaning of how Christmas should be, will open up, right before your eyes.  Talk soon.

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