Port Loring’s Weather & News Thursday, December 22 2011

Good morning.  Hope all is well with everyone.  Doing good here.  Was away yesterday so that was the reason why no entries were made. Temperature is going to reach 33 °f today and then later on tonight it will drop to 20 °f.   Cool nights sure make it nice for sleeping, for me anyways. Barometer is rising and at the moment sitting at 29.09 in Hg.  Should see some sunshine today with a few flurries.  Will be the first year for us living here in Port Loring with out snow, that is if we don’t get some before the big day.  We have lived here now for around nine years.  Amazing how time flies.  The moon today will Rise: 5:38 AM & then Set: 2:45 PM. It will be Overhead: 10:14 AM and Underfoot: 10:45 PM.

Moon Phase today is Solunar Table Moon Phase is 6% percent waning crescent 6% Waning Crescent.

The old sun got out of bed at 7:58 AM and will Set at 4:36 PM, giving us 8 hrs. 38 mins of daylight.  As of today we start to gain a minute every day.  Actually to be specific right at the moment for the next few days we are in a holding period and not gaining or loosing but in a few days that will all change as we head on towards spring.  Makes me smile as I am ready to go fishing and I don’t mean ice fishing neither LOL LOL.

News For Port Loring.

Not much to report, stores are quiet here in town, not many trucks or cars for that matter running up and down the roads.  Hardly even see anyone walking, other than my wife and I as we love to get out for some air every day. Most folks I would think will have their shopping all done up for the year.  But in saying that…..my wife and I was into North Bay yesterday and it was hard to even find a parking spot at the Mall.  So might just be a few last minute shoppers floating around.  For my wife and I we go in every year when it’s busy like that, not to buy much, but mostly for the spirit of things.  Just seeing folks laughing and having fun in picking out their presents sure is a sight to see.  Great time of year to say the least.  Gets us in the spirit of things you could say.   Well today just going to take it easy some and enjoy what the day brings us.  Have a great day folks.


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