Raw Milk Versus Pasteurized Milk

Authorities are recalling bags of Neilson 2 per cent milk in Ontario and Quebec because of the risk of contamination with cleaning solution. At least one person has had a reaction from drinking contaminated milk, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency said Friday.  Hm….. just one, what about all the ones that has been drinking pasteurized milk for over half their life.

Thing is folks Cleaning agents was the problem, LOL amazing. They say raw milk isn’t no good not safe to drink, but if one only knew the pasteurized milk we are drinking now is much much more riskier with all the chemicals and things they are putting in it today. When they pasteurize milk any goodness is totally wiped out of it.  I see now in Italy and all over Europe they are bringing in vending machines where you can buy raw milk.  I have to say they are on the right track. Once drinking good raw milk you will find your body getting stronger and most of all the diseases that one is getting today would just up and disappear.  Will this happen, maybe some day if enough of us get to voicing our opinions, but for now folks minds aren’t thinking clearly, especially the Powers That Be.  Money, Greed & Power I say, eliminate them and what a great country we would be.

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