Cancer, Pharmaceutical Companies, Go Hand In Hand

When it comes to the folks that make drugs I firmly believe that they want you to remain sick, tired and looking for Pharmaceutical Solutions.  What needs to be done is we have to open our eyes towards Natural Solutions instead of the medicines of today, or most of them.  if we humans start to do this taking back control of our own bodies, these profit seeking folks will soon begin to go out of business,  The only way they can keep going is if you as a person keeps the blinders on.  I am thinking though that things are changing.  Especially when it comes to cancer and many other diseases. Folks are wising up, they are realizing that the treatments out there today isn’t helping, not one bit, if anything…. they are making things worse.  There are so many natural cures out there, just that folks minds have been corrupted into thinking that there is no other way..   Not true my friends.   When you find the problem, do the research and fix the problem.  I believe that all the diseases we get can be cured by good healthy nutrition.   We have to start putting into our body nothing but good food, not poisons.  Along with that we have to watch what we put on our skin toom as the chemicals that are in things today, like most shampoos,. soaps and things like that are  deadly.  So there you go my daily rant, do these things my friends, put a smile on your face and be happy, that is what is most important in life.  My Opinion Only.


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