Weather & Ice Fishing Times For Port Loring

Morning folks. How you all doing?  Good I hope. Daytime temperature is going to reach 32 °f  here in Port Loring, then later on tonight it will drop to 24 °f.  The winds this morning are coming in from the South East and calm at the moment.  I put clouds and some snow today but we might happen to see a touch of sun just depends on how fast them clouds move out of our area. Barometer is falling and at the moment sitting at 29.87 in Hg.  The moon will Rise at   11:09 AM and then Set at 1:30 AM. It will be Overhead at 6:46 PM & Underfoot at        6:23 AM.  The sun got out of bed this morning before me by the way at 7:43 AM and it will
Set at 5:22 PM, giving us 9 hrs. 39 mins. of daylight here in Port Loring for the last day of the month.  Spring is closing in folks.  LOL For the ice fishermen or women the old weather stick says the best time to be out there will be from 11:00 AM till 1:00 PM.

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