In The News Canada Ranks 10th in Health Care

I see in the news today that Canada ranks ten out of 17 in health care.  I am thinking it is much lower than that.  But even still that sure isn’t being on top of the list.  Their remedy to the problem is this.

In order for Canada to improve its health ranking — and by extension its health-care system — the report recommends the country adopt a health-care model that focuses on primary care practices such as preventing and managing chronic diseases.

Not sure about you, but if you look back through my many many posts, you will see that I have been saying this for years. Cancer and other diseases should be treated with nutrition and prevention, not with the conventional meds and treatments of today, that make the rich richer and the sick sicker.  I also believe that natural fixes should be more explored and brought to being.  Reason being is simple my friends, we are all connected, humans, animals, and nature.  All these along with our true Mother which is earth.  The energy around us that no one seems to feel, is what we are, nothing more.  Source is energy, energy is us. That is where it all started for us and that is where we will all end up. Thing is, the answers are right there in front of us, just most refuse to feel or see them.  Source is there waiting, why not tap into it.

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