Cholesterol, Vitamin D & Sunshine

For a lot of years here on the Blog I have told folks that I don’t honestly believe that there is bad cholesterol.  And some have asked why.  Well it’s simple really, as if one does the research he or she would soon find that cholesterol is a major player in keeping us healthy.  Thing is this.  Cholesterol is like anything else in life, to much of a good thing can cause a bit of trouble, sometimes.    So here is my answer.  Where do you think what some call Vitamin D comes from?  Most don’t know, or even care. Some say the sun, which in one way is correct.  Thing what most don’t know and most physicians won’t or don’t tell you, is that to get vitamin D into your system, you need sunshine, as sunshine turns cholesterol into the vitamin D that you need.  So let me say that one more time. Cholesterol is very necessary stuff. It’s converted into Vitamin D by sunlight,  so…. Lack of sunlight prevents the formation of Vitamin D.

Now here is the thing.  Folks now head out to the store to buy up Vitamin D3, is this a good thing?  Well for most parts no as most over the counter items like vitamins are man made and not good for ya.  What I would do, would be to buy organic Coconut Oil and take a table spoon a day, broken down to three times a day, or a bit at every meal.  That’s all you need and not only will the coconut oil help turn the cholesterol into the D you need, it will also fix a whole and I mean a whole mess of other problems, that you might have.  Also a lot of things you don’t know you have, I will guarantee that.   Thing is though, if you don’t get outside and get sunshine, you will gather up to much Cholesterol, simple as that and that is the problem we are having today, to much. to much isn’t good no matter what it is. So to fix this problem you need what?  Sunshine my friends, lots and lots of sunshine.  Don’t be fooled, the sun is good for you, wont hurt you, even if you are fair skin. In fact, there is enough evidence out there today to say that the sun stops skin cancer an most other cancers as well.  Think on this, we are part of the earth, the earth needs sun to survive, or should say everything on the earth.  So why would the sun cause us harmIt won’t, unless you lay in it for to long or look directly at it, so come this spring, or even now, head on outside, soak up some sunshine and get healthy.  As I say, don’t rely on others to fix your problems.  You are your own healer, you were given that, so use it.  Have a good day and as always.  My Opinion Only



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