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Good Morning. Well not a bad day here in Port Loring.  Few clouds but they should move out as the day goes by bring with it some nice sunshine. Barometer today is holding steady at 32>01 in Hg.  Winds are from the South East and calm.  Temperatures will reach 52°F today then only drop to 41°F later on this evening.  The moon will rise at 4:03 AM and then set at 1:29 PM. It will be overhead at 8:44 AM & underfoot at 9:11 PM.  The sun rose this morning at 7:28 AM and will set at 7:27 PM giving us here in Port Loring 11 hrs. 59 mins. of daylight.  Highway 522 is bare and wet.

News For Port Loring Ontario

Still quite quiet around town.  We had our monthly meeting last night for the Local Services Board which went quite well.  Things got done up for another month and everyone was happy.  The minutes of last nights meeting will be added to the web site in a within a couple days.   Back at home here I am slowly doing up some maple syurp.  Say slowly as with these warm temperatures it is running quite slow.  So have to except what mother natures sends us.  Have a great day my friends.


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