Allergies & Honey

For those that suffer from allergies every spring, one has to remember, or should know that there is  a fix to the problem.  What would that be?  Simple really.  Again, one just has to use common sense and look at what nature has to offer.  One doesn’t need all these allergy shots, or pills, or what ever.  Through my eyes all they do is make the problem worse or bring on new problems.  Think about this, most allergies come from pollen.  Now comes the fix.  Bees. yep bees is the answer. The bees goes out, collects the pollen, brings it back to the hive and makes honey.  So if everyone took at couple table spoons of honey each day, they would soon find out that they don’t have any more allergies.  Now in saying this, one should use nothing other than pure, unpasteurized honey.  All the others won’t work and will in reality make the matters worse. Same as milk in theory, as unpasteurized milk fixes most body problems, where as pasteurized milk causes a lot of our problems.  So, get your self prepared if you have allergies by simply picking up some raw honey and get to eating. And who said getting healthy is a long hard process.  My Opinion Only.

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