According to the Canadian Cancer Society

Today in the news they said that half of all the Cancers could be eliminated by putting into practice life style changes.  Well hey!!!! Hello……I been saying that for the past ten years or so now.  But thing one has to remember is that we also have to change the way we are manufacturing our food.  Eliminate all the preservatives, pesticides, hormone injections, flu shots, most antibiotics and over three quarters off all prescription drugs.  Not to forget all the fast foods we have on the market today.  Then one has to eliminate the way we treat cancer and other  diseases, like chemo and radiation and things like that. These ways are not the answer.  The statistics are there for all to see, just that most don’t take the time to look..  Most listen to what we are told, instead of doing what should be done and what is right. Folks I keep saying this. The answers are right in front of you.  Don’t be fooled, take the blinders off your eyes and start taking your life back. No one knows your body better than you do, no one.  My Opinion Only.

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