Ex Rays & What They Do To A Person

Just one more thing to the list that shows that these radiation treatments aren’t  good folks.  I keep on stressing to folks to not have any ex-rays unless there is no other way.  In saying that, there is tons of ways of looking at things without having ex-rays. Now think on this, ex-raying ones teeth.  It’s radiation, radiation is deadly. Now think how close it is to your brain.  Doesn’t that tell you something????? if not, your not thinking clearly. Do the research and start taking control.  Take a look at this article.  My Opinion Only

A new U.S. study is suggesting patients have a conversation with their dentists about how often routine dental X-rays should be carried out. Researchers at Yale University found people who frequently got certain dental X-rays in the past — when radiation doses were higher — were linked to an increased risk of a common, but usually non-cancerous, brain tumour.

The study isn’t meant to scare people into abandoning dental X-rays altogether, but researchers want people to re-think how often they get the procedure done.

They say their findings are important because dental X-rays are the most common artificial source of exposure to ionizing radiation for people living in the United States, and that form of radiation is a known risk factor for certain brain tumours.

The Canadian Dental Association says the frequency of a dental X-ray depends on a patient’s oral health and notes that the procedures deliver very little radiation.

The study, which appears in the American journal “Cancer,” studied 1433 patients between 2006 and 2011 who had been diagnosed with intracranial meningioma — a common kind of brain tumour which often turns out to be benign.

All patients were between 20 and 79 years when diagnosed and lived in the U.S. A control group of 1350 people was used for the study.

Researchers found that those with the tumours were more than twice as likely to have had a bitewing dental X-ray — where an X-ray film is held in place by a tab between a patient’s teeth.

The study also found an increased risk of the brain tumours was associated with those who had panorex X-rays at a young age, a yearly basis or with greater frequency. The procedure is when an X-ray is taken outside the mouth and shows all teeth on one film.

Researchers note that a limitation of the study was that patients had to recall from memory procedures they had when radiation exposure was higher — something which may have led to under or over reporting of dental X-rays carried out.

Now in reading this, does it make you more aware of how dangerous radiation is????? Or are you going to keep on having them????? For most, well I know the answer, most will keep their heads buried in the sand and say, oh… well, the specialists know what is best for us.   Wrong you know what is best for you not no doctor or specialist.  Listen up, do the research, find out for yourselves and then make your own practical decisions not others.

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