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Good Morning.  Well today will be sunny. Very warm. High around 85F. Winds S at 10 to 15 mph.. Tonight will be mostly clear. Low 57F. Winds S at 5 to 10 mph.. So all an all good weekend to get them veggies into your freshly worked garden.  Barometer today is holding steady did rise a touch through the night. It is now sitting at 29,29 in Hg.  The moon will rise at 5:21 AM and then set at 8:47 PM.  Moon Phase today is Solunar Table Moon Phase is 0% percent new moon 0%
NEW MOON.  The old weather stick says that the best time to be out there fishing today will be from 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM.

  News For Port Loring

Black flies are still bugging some folks.  I say some, as some folks like myself they leave alone, for most parts anyways.   Mosquitoes, now them parasites, they don’t have any consideration for no body.  LOL. They go where you are, inside, outside, where ever they can find ya. But there are ways of discouraging them, which I have told you in previous posts.  Today my wife and I are putting in our veggie garden as tomorrow we might get a shower or two, which will set them into place nicely. So lots to do today as I have a large garden.  Health tip for today.  Drink lots of water, good water, not tap water with fluoride or chlorine in it. Them two chemicals are poison.  Most city waters have it in it, and some bottled water, so be wary.  Now here is what every one should know to find out how many ounces you should drink a day.  Take your weight and divide it by two and that will tell you how much to drink.  Say 150 pounds, you need to drink 75 ounces.  Sounds like a lot, but it isn’t really. If you do this every day you will not only become healthy you will have more energy.  Also your body will love you for it.  If your in the sun you will need a bit more. Remember folks, good water.  Enjoy your day and have a great weekend.

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