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Good morning. Well much cooler this morning.  Woke up to temperatures of 24F.  We will see a few light flurries this morning. High today will only read to around 25F. Winds will be cold from the North North West, coming in at 10 to 20 mph which will make it seem even colder.  We will see sunshine today for a change so that is OK by me; as it is what is needed for ones health.  Tonight there will be a few clouds floating by with temperatures dropping down to 17F. Winds will change slightly to the ENE at  5 to 10 mph. Barometer is rising and has been all night; good sign and is sitting at the moment at 29.36 in Hg. Highway 522 is Bare and Dry.  Good day for traveling if one feels up to it.  The moon will rise at 11:38 PM & set at 11:52 AM.  Moon Phase today is; Solunar Table Moon Phase is 60% percent waning gibbous  60%  Waning  Gibbous.  The sun rose this morning at; 7:45 AM & will set at 4:33 PM. Giving us 8 hrs. 48 mins. of daylight.  Lost another two minutes yesterday.  For those wanting to do some hunting today; the old weather stick says the best times to be out there will be from;    11:30 AM – 1:00 PM.  Then again from; 4:30 PM – 6:00 PM.

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Quiet as usual here in Port Loring.  On a health issue. Many years ago I remember my old Dad saying that he was going to plant a lot of Kale for market.  Reason being that Kale is about the most  potent healing foods in existence; back then and into today.  There isn’t to many foods in the grocery store today that can compare with kale for ones health. My wife and have planted it each and every spring and have indulged in its healthy benefits every evening for supper through out the growing season. You can cook it like spinach or you can eat it raw.  We like the tender young leaves raw and the older leaves cooked up, on top of a low heat.  Nothing is more healthy for you folks and if you see some in the organic section of your grocery store I can only say this. You will do well to pick some up and get to eating .  With the lack of sunshine here in our area it will help immensely in keeping your body & mind healthy and strong.  Have a great day. 


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