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Good Morning.  Well not so nice of a day.  There is a  Freezing Rain Warning up which I suspected going into last night.  My data said something was heading our way. Today we will have freezing rain mixed with some flurries. High near 30F.  Winds are coming in from the South East at  4 mph and will increase to 10 to 20 mph. as the day progresses Tonight we will see a mix bag, light snow. freezing rain then changing over to rain and then back to snow. Low will head on down to 28F. eventually.  Winds will continue coming in from the South East at 10 to 15 mph.  Could get up to 1 to 4inches by tomorrow morning.  Highway 522 is icy, wet and slippery, so one should take extra care and if at all possible I would recommend staying home today.  I am sure you can find something to do, like maybe baking up some cookies for those unexpected guests that seem to pop in this time of year.  Up to you. Hunting season is over so no more reports.  I will start up with the ice fishing times once the lakes freeze over. Will be awhile though I suspect with these warm temperatures.  Barometer this morning was falling and at the moment is sitting at 28.85 in Hg. The moon will rise at, 10:17 AM & then set at  8:58 PM.  Moon Phase today is;  Solunar Table Moon Phase is 15% percent waxing crescent    15%  Waxing  Crescent.  The sun rose behind some clouds at; 7:54 AM & will set at 4:34 PM.  Giving us here in Port Loring Ontario; 8 hrs. 40 mins of daylight. No loss of time yesterday.

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Nothing to report other than Highway 522 is icy and slippery and folks are or should be staying home today.  Myself I will be working on my next book enjoying a cup of fresh perked chaga coffee  through out the day. Tough life I know, but one has to take what comes his or her way.  Enjoy your day my friends. Stay safe.


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