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Good morning. Well storm is over here for Port Loring.  Had around ten inches all total.  This morning we will have a few flurries and quite windy.  This afternoon we will see a touch of sunshine.  The rest of week though looks like all sunshine so will sure make for one pretty Christmas.  Wind chills today will reach down to  -10F.  with only a high of 12F. Winds will continue coming in from the North North West at 20 to 30 mph.  Cold old wind/.  This evening it will be  partly cloudy with lows reaching down to 4F.  Winds tonight will come in from the West North West at around  10 to 15 mph. So….think one should put an extra blanket on the old bed tonight.  Barometer is rising, good sign and at the moment sitting at 28.85 in Hg.  The moon will rise at 1:02 PM & set at 2:30 AM.

Moon Phase today is Solunar Table Moon Phase is 73% percent waxing gibbous   73%  Waxing  Gibbous.  The sun rose behind some clouts this morning at 7:58 AM & will set at 4:37 PM. Giving us here in Port Loring, 8 hrs. 39 mins. of daylight.  Few more days and we will start back to adding time each day. OK by me as means we are heading toward spring.  I know most think winter is just starting, but for me my mind focuses on warm weather which is only around 4 months away.

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Highway 522 is snow covered with icy sections from Highway 11 through to Highway 69 so if one is traveling give yourself lots of time and take care.  Enjoy your day my friends.  Chaga tea here this morning with maybe a touch of Maple Syrup.

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