What Makes Life Worth While

For years I have said how nice it is to live here in Port Loring.  Waking up this morning to what beauty nature brought to us last night is just one more item to add to my list of things, that makes my days here that much more precious. Speaking of the snow that is that we had last night.  You know I have taken a lot of interest in our area to heart, with our locals and in reality i can’t honestly say I have met one not so nice person.  Sure some have their trend that is different than mine, but for most parts I enjoy being able to call them my friends.  Not to forget the tourists neither as I have made some mighty fine friends there also.  You know…the air in Port Loring is so pure, tourists come to visit and stop over for a few days just to fill their tires with it.   That’s not Brag neither, just fact.  Enjoy your day My Friends!