Pharmacists should Hand Out ‘energy shots?

 In the news today:  Pharmacists should dispense ‘energy shots,’ expert says.  Can you believe that.  My point of view is that all this is, is another way for these companies to make money and make it look like natural medicines aren’t good for you along with them having full control over you.  In reality;  one if doing the research; would soon find out that Natural  is the way to go. After doing your home work of course.  Today these so called powers that be, have folks  so scared that they hate to walk out the door without seeing a doctor.   Most cures for what ails us is just outside your door, through nature, just waiting to be found and used.  Some folks say my way of thinking is out to lunch. I say this to those that sneers at my way of thinking. Years ago these so called high uppity ups thought the world was flat too.  Things will change believe me. I see it happening more and more every day.  People are wising up, especially the younger ones.  My hat goes off to them.  One also has to remember in time; these young ones will be in power.  Scares the heck out of the our Powers That Be today.  I am lovin’ it.  My opinion only.