Open House & Local Author Celebration at Gulliver’s Quality Books & Toys North Bay

Went to town yesterday and took in  the Open House and local author celebration at Gulliver’s Quality Books & Toys on Main Street.  Suzanne Brooks her Husband & Staff sure out did themselves let me tell ya.   CTV Television was there, along with numerous news papers.  Lynn Johnston was also there, a great lady and if I can?  I would like to say she was a great inspiration to my wife and I when we started to put together our first book and continued to do so through out all five.  Suzanne Brooks though in my eyes is one of the greats.  She has proven her self time and time again for all that she has done to help new and old writers gain the respect and attention that they so deserve.  With out her a lot of new writers would have gone by the way side.  She is a great asset to the City of North Bay and deserves to be in the spot light now and then.  Great lady for sure and my wife and I are proud to be able to have her, her husband and staff as friends.  Refreshments were handed out with hot apple cider, lots of mingling done with fellow writers, friends, and…well…just a down right enjoyable day.  Lots turned out too, a steady stream of folks and the store was pretty well full for the whole event.  Great day Suzanne and once again:  Thanks….my hat goes off to you.  Actually I didn’t wear my Stetson as a tribute to you.