Problems With Modern Day Medicine & Treatments

This next article is about radiation and cancer. First off for myself I believe that no radiation or chemo is good for anyone suffering from cancer or what ever for that matter. From all I have read and folks that i have talked to in the long run it only makes things worse to bad.  Folks have to realize that for most parts cancer is brought on by our life style that we have or live today.  I will say this though. The sooner we find out we have cancer or any other disease the sooner we can treat them ourselves using natural treatments that are there for all to use along with good common sense. Meaning; Change a few things like healthy eating, exercise and bringing forth a good frame of mind.  I have seen time an time again folks taking routes to health by using a lot of our modern day medicines with results that end up being….. well lets just leave it at that.  They say that folks shouldn’t panic.  Well in my eyes they should. Like food . A little pesticide in our food is OK they say, but in reality it isn’t.  Reason being that there is pesticides in every thing we eat pretty well, all but organic and some of that we have to watch as they treat some organic apples and pears with antibiotics and over time we get more that our body can handle, then problems arise.  Same as ex-rays, tests like Colonoscopy.  Endoscopy, Biopsies.  For no Reason other than speculation, Mammograms, too many to name. All of these in my eyes could be eliminated or used only when absolutely necessary. All are also in my eyes dangerous and should be thought on very carefully before going ahead.  There is alternatives some just outside your door, just most today don’t know where to look.  Like Dandelion Roots & Chaga two of the very best.  I for one believe we should use  modern day means to find out what is ailing us, then go ahead and treat ourselves by ourselves. No one and I mean no one, knows our body better than ourselves. No Brag just Fact.  At any rate that is my view on things for this morning and remember. My Opinion Only.  Here is the article

Women treated with radiation for breast cancer are more likely to develop heart problems later, even with the lower doses used today, troubling new research suggests. The risk comes from any amount of radiation, starts five years after treatment and lasts for decades, doctors found.

Patients shouldn’t panic — radiation has improved cancer survival, (I Don’t Believe This For One Second) and that is the top priority, doctors say. The chance of suffering a radiation-induced heart problem is fairly small
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