In the news today.   Is the war on cancer an ‘utter failure’?: A sobering look at how billions in research money is spent

Well of course it is a failure. Today as I keep on saying time and time again that it all boils down to money. They today have gotten into their minds that the treatments today that they have been using for numerous years like chemotherapy, radiation and things like that are the answer where as they in my eyes are wrong.  I myself also believe that most pharmaceutical drugs cause more problems than they fix. They some of the so called specialists care not to venture any further with new ideas, especially those that relate to nature.  Nature is all around us as is the diseases.  Doesn’t take a scientist to see that.  I don’t blame all doctors though as it is all they know, all they have been taught.  Today they have blinders on and like a young child they rebel and want things all their own way and refuse to look at what is the truth.  Not all though but most.  There is some good doctors out there today that choose to use both ways bringing together what needs to be done.  Using nature along with common sense.  It’s a shame when one relays strictly on others when they can for most parts fix most things themselves.  Again I don’t blame them as it is all they know.  I just hope that the doctors that does have vision, makes headways into finding out  what one needs. Or I should say has the whit and stamina to bring forth the truth.  Most of all these good doctors know, but hold back in fear of, well I think you all know.  For most parts I believe the remedies are within our reach but most choose not to look or seek them out.  My Opinion Only.