Good Morning From Port Loring Ontario

Good Morning:  And what a beautiful morning it is.  Sun is shinning and the world is looking like it is establishing stability.  Temperatures this morning are sitting at…14 C | 57.2 F.  It will warm up some as the day moves forward.

Forecast For Today:   Changeable, mending with lots of sunshine.

Bug Report:   Mosquitoes are still in abundance pestering us humans and critters of nature.  The cooler weather though in the mornings have slowed them down some.  Horseflies and Deerflies are slowly entering the picture.  But one seems to adapt with time, to what the elements of our Mother Earth puts forth off and on throughout the year.

Fishing Times:  Well today the old weather stick is saying that the best times to be out there catching them will be from…11:30 AM – 1:00 PM.  Then a bit later from 3:00 PM – 5:30 PM.  I give it a 2 fish rating for catching them out of 4.  Not the greatest day, but one just never knows really, till he or she puts that bait into the water hidden by a hook of choice.  Good luck.

Around Town:   Quiet for a Sunday morning.  Hardly a car moving up and down Highway 522.  So that tells me tourists haven’t arrived in quantities as of yet and the locals are enjoying life at home.  Kind of what life is all about I would think.  I took a few pictures of our one garden yesterday.  It is growing so nicely with the tomatoes, lettuce & herbs showing off, I figured I would share it with the world.  Eating fresh pesticide and chemical free salads every day. NO GMO.” Sometimes twice a day and what flavour they have.  Juicy with a crisp sense of entertainment that enlightens and entices ones mouth with every bite.  What could be better? Tomatoes are out in blossom also, which will bring upon us some succulent treats in the days ahead. You won’t find them in any grocery store, or fast food restaurant, let me tell you.  Only one way to administer them to ones body.  Grow your own, or find some that does.  Ask before buying if they are planting GMO seeds or spraying them with pesticides, and other chemicals such as fungicides.  if soSAY NO and find someone that does. Click Pictures to enlarge for better viewing.  Also a vase of flowers the wife picked for our table and yours.  Sure smell nice let me tell you.  Nothing can bring more enjoyment into a home that a bouquet of fresh cut flowers.  Entices my nose and spirit, every time I pass them by on entering our home. My lovely wife has a knack at doing these things.  Great lady for sure and I do emphasize lady, which means… A respect for a woman, a title of honour borne by various classes of women of the peerage.   Enjoy your day my friends, soak up some sunshine, eat well and no doctors will be needed.

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