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Good morning.  Well shaping up to be a beauty of a day my friends. Temperatures waking up  were sitting at…15.5 C | 59.9 F. Will warm up some in a bit.

Forecast For Today:    Fairly fine, possible showers early.

Bug Report:   Other than a few mosquitoes and deer flies things are looking good.  At least now folks can get to doing what they enjoy amongst nature.  Great place to live or visit this time of year.

Fishing Times:   This morning the old weather stick is saying that the best time to be out there will be from…8:00 AM – 10:30 AM then once again from 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM.  I give it a 2 fish rating out of 4 this morning and a 3 fish rating for catching them out of 4 later on this afternoon.  Things are shaping up to be a great weekend for catching fish.  Good luck.

Around Town:   Not to much happening.  Farmers Market had it’s opening day.   We here at our small store had a great day with folks dropping by picking up items of choice.  Also noticed my flutes were selling quite well this year.  Early too, so that is a good sign of what is to come.  Right now we have a great selection of flutes and amongst them some wonderful sounding branch flutes, which are all one of a kind.  Amazing how beautiful they sound.  The nice thing is, that you don’t have to know how to read music to play the Native American Flute.  With in minutes one can make music that enhances ones most inner soul.  Also comes with full instructions, along with my expertise giving you a free lesson.  So my friends if your in need of some medicine that soothes the inner mind, drop by and take a look at what I have to offer. Of course we have lots of other items to choose from, the flutes are just the tip of the iceberg.   Have a great day.  GW

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