Happenings In & Around Port Loring Ontario

Good Morning:  Well find looking day starting off April.  Temperatures were a touch cool sitting at -8.4 C | 16.88 F.  It will warm up as the day moves forward.  Spring is here.

Forecast For Today: Rather unsettled clearing later with some sunshine.  Tonight we will get some freezing rain.

Highway Report:  Highway 522 is bare and dry.  Travelling will be good through most of the day.  Tonight could become quite bad with the freezing rain that is heading our way.

Snow Report:  No snow accumulations overnight.

Around Town:  Still quiet around town.  Not many cars or trucks moving up and down the highway.  But that will change in the coming days.  Once the snow has left a whole new agenda starts to take place.   Yards being cleaned up.   Plans for the coming season business wise. Trips to far off places,  Firewood for next year being piled where it is dry.  Gardens being looked at and planned out, and my most favourite, bringing out the old rocking chairs for some front porch sittin’.  I look forward to enjoying a tea chatting to my lovely wife soaking up some morning sunshine.  Tea tor today is from the petals of the Calendula flower.  Great tasting tea for all kinds of ailments, or just to fortify the body for the coming day.  Try it sometime, or better yet grow some this year yourself. In doing so you will have the best of the best tea available to you all year round for free.

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