Happenings In & Around Port Loring Ontario

Good Morning:  Well nice looking day waking up.  Temperatures rose through the night sitting this morning at, 4.2 C | 39.56 F.

Forecast For Today;  Will be somewhat cloudy today and breezy.  Temperatures will rise through the day to 10 C / 50 F. Them temperatures will melt a lot of ice and snow.  We could see some light rain later on also.

Snow Report:  No snow here waking up.

Highway Report:  Highway 522 is bare and dry throughout.  Travelling should be good for most of the day.

Around Town:  Not much to report.  My wife noticed yesterday a tulip showing itself in our garden..  It is struggling with snow all around it.  Nature is amazing to say the least.  Also got some snow drops making an appearance which is a sure sign warmer weather isn’t far off.  Tea time here, English Breakfast is on the menu with a touch of turmeric.  Great for maintaining a healthy body.  Enjoy your day, try and get some fresh air and sunshine, and stay safe.  You can reach George Walters at [email protected]

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