Information For Port Loring Ontario

Good Morning:  Nice looking day out there waking up.  Temperatures were sitting at 16.2 C | 61.16 F.

Forecast For Sunday: Changeable, mending.  Should see lots of sunshine today and into tomorrow then a bit of rain on Tuesday.  Other than that though the rest of the week looks great.

Bug Report:  Blackflies are all but gone now with a few deerflies annoying folks.  Mosquitoes are also out in full force but not so much in the sunlight or on the water.

Fishing Report:  Today the old weather stick is saying that the best times to be out there will be from 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM.  Then once again from 4:00 PM – 7:30 PM.  I give it a 3 fish rating out of 5 for catching a few this morning and a 5 fish rating this afternoon.  Good Luck.  Should be a good day for fishing all way round. As promised there is a picture below with Barry my fishing buddy and friend on the left, both of us showing off our catch of the day.  Will have another feed tonight for supper. Click Picture to enlarge.  IMG_8897

Highway Report:  Highway 522 is bare and dry pretty well normal for this time of year.  Lots of critters crossing so care should be taken.  Great travelling weather for all your adventures.

Around Town:  Quiet here on this fine Sunday morning.  Folks are taking life easy as it should be.  Few tourists in the area and more arriving each day. Our small store has been doing a brisk business keeping us busy.  Lots of books along with paintings and flutes being sold this year.  Great to see for sure.  Gardens are growing well.  My second crop of romaine lettuce is up and looking good.  Had a few leaf’s for supper last night.  Garlic scape’s are out in full twirl and have been using them in avocado dip daily.  Can’t get much better than that.  With that had better go.  Tea time here orange pekoe this morning for a change.

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