Happenings In Port Loring Nov. 6

Good Morning:  Wet morning here in Port Loring  Ontario.  Heavy rain accompanied by high winds is upon us and will remain that way for most the day.  At the time of post temperatures were sitting at 15 C | 59 F. Will start to cool down as the day progresses.  Could even see a flurry later on.

Pain Related To Weather:  Today the weather will play havoc with folks that suffer from joint and body pain.  Even so with those that doesn’t.  Just one of those days.  Main things is to watch your step and keep dry and warm, but not so warm that dries things out.

Hunting Information:  Not the greatest day for hunting.  Can’t really see anyone would want to be out there today.  Miserable day for hunting but a great day for playing cards and enjoying nature from the inside looking out.    I hunted four days with the Booth family and had no luck.  But still have another week so one just never knows.  I did see a moose yesterday, had my adrenalin moving a bit till it came into full view.  Amazing how quietly they can move through the bush.  Also Cadger one of the group did get a shot off at one buck but wasn’t to be.  Few stories went around the camp later on about that incident.   Also my thanks goes out to Kerry, Randy, Cathy and Jack and of course Cadger, Nick and the rest of the group for an enjoyable few days.  Lots of laughs and some good memories were made.  Also a special thanks to Kerry for his use of his ATV along with keeping me safe.  Fantastic machine, went places I didn’t think was possible.  A few that I still don’t think is possible.  I had a great time.

Highway Report:  Highway 522 is wet and with the high winds care should be taken if out and about.

Around Town:  Hardly a car moving east to west.  Time of year that folks are taking things easy.  I still have some garlic to plant along with burying  some old potatoes in hopes they will bring on some new ones come spring.  Will get at that once the weather clears up.  With that I am heading off for my morning tea and will see what the day has in store.  One just never knows.  Main thing is to take things in stride.  Enjoy your day and stay safe if out there hunting.

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