George’s Daily Post For Nov. 29/2015

Good Morning from Inglis Florida. Great morning, sunny with temperatures sitting at 25 C / 78 F. Can't beat that for winter temperatures. Had a great trip down other than a bit of traffic in certain areas. But dealt with it as it came. In our area there is lots of fresh fruit and vegatable stands so will be taking some of them in today. Then maybe head on over to the beach for a bit. Rough life down here, But I will put up with it. 

Looking out my window of our cottage the moss is hanging from the trees with the day just beconing us to come outside, along with the morning doves waiting our presence. Which we will do shortly. Thinking a coffee on our deck is in order this morning. Great way to start the day off. Lots to see here in our area too, so day trips will be taken in great quantities. One thing we like to do wife and I, an that is take in the sights. 

So with that I will head on off to my lawn chair and, well, just let the day unfold around us. A poem I like to start my day off with goes like this.  Hope you like it as it has meaning which comes from deep within.

Be happy and gay.
Don't ever be sad.
Think what awaits you
Not what you've had

The skies can't be blue
Every day that is true 
But always on the morrow
The sun shines thru

So as thru life
We struggle and strive
Isn't it a pleasure
To just be alive??

Enjoy your day my freinds, make it a good day.

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