George’s Morning Post For Dec. 3/2015

  Good Morning: Great day shaping up here in Crystal River Florida. Sun is burning off the morning mist as it does every morning.   Then some front porch sittin” will be in order.  Seems the outside draws a feller down here.  The smells also intrigue a fellow making one come alive.  Not sure if it is being so close to the Gulf with the salt water or the smells that arrives from the trees around us.  Probably a combination.   With that will head on off for my morning tea and let the day unfold around us.  Rough life down here.  But some one has to deal with it,  might as well be us.  I also added a few pictures below all self explanatory as you will see once you enlarge them.

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IMG_20151125_145346159 IMG_20151126_120241981 IMG_20151126_174859074 IMG_20151127_090859363 IMG_20151127_091007595 IMG_20151127_091227267 IMG_20151127_091239459 IMG_20151127_091251114 IMG_20151127_091351227 IMG_20151127_105531820 IMG_20151127_114537842 IMG_20151129_155455922 IMG_20151201_085535952 IMG_20151201_085600163 IMG_20151202_093141980

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