George’s Afternoon Post

Well one beauty of a day here in Crystal River Florida.   Temperatures are sitting at 86 F.  Not to shabby.   Today we ventured out a ways taking in what was in the area.  Lots to see.  Going to take us a month to figure out where everything is.  But it is fun doing so.   Took a drive in a friend of ours car today to pick up some groceries.   Thought I would share a picture or two of that event.  Also snapped a picture or two of some eagles nesting on top of a pole.  Seems they like it up there, as I think every other pole had a nest on top.  Good view for sure.   With that heading off for a cool drink and let the day finish up around us.  IMG_7744 IMG_7616 IMG_7613

2 thoughts on “George’s Afternoon Post”

    1. Hi Sis. Yep will be here for the month of December then will see after that. Might stay till the end of January. Will see how things goes. Cloudy morning here waking up but still nice. Temperature is around 75 F so no complaints. Going to do a bit of shopping this morning so you have a great day. Talk soon. GW

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