Good Morning From Port Loring

We  finally got a pretty good looking day here in Port Loring Ontario Canada.  Sun is shinning with a light breeze and  a few clouds thrown in for good measure.  Grass is growing well these days and it’s been a chore just getting it cut after all the rain we been having.

Black flies are all but gone but skeeters have replaced them.  One would be hard pressed to go outside without a few finding them, or them finding you.

Gardens are doing well this year. Veggies are growing leaps and bounds.  Beans are almost ready to tie up with tomatoes taking over the rows.  Lettuce and kale are just lovely this year.  Wife and I have been eating it daily.  We have lots and are selling the extra we have.

Today I am thinking some front porch sittin’ is in order, as we have been quite busy for the past few months and deserve a break.

Fishing season is upon us and I am thinking of heading out next weekend.  Got the old boat all set.  Started it up after sitting all winter and runs like a top.  Put some fresh oil in the bottom end which should be good for another year.

With that, you all have a great Sunday.  Soak up that sunshine. Doing so will save a lot of grief this coming winter.

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