Snowy Morning For Port Loring Ontario, Canada

Well lots more snow for us here in Port Loring. Waking up I would suspect we have another six inches or so. More in drifts up by my shop. Seems to gather there for some reason. I am thinking it does it on purpose just to aggravate me. I don’t mind the snow really other than having to clean things up after it is finished. But then again the snow blower makes short work of things so can’t complain. The only other thing about the not so good weather is when a person has to go to town for groceries. As with it being so far off and if the roads are covered it makes things challenging to say the least. But I suppose that is what freezers are for. Well I guess I will go for a bite to eat and put some wood in the furnace. You all have a great day and stay warm. Least it isn’t as cold as it was yesterday. Man, I almost had to put a tea shirt on yesterday. GW

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