Good Morning Port Loring

Well temperature wise it’s not to bad a day. Waking up it was sitting at -9.1 C | 15.62 F. There are some warnings up for Freezing rain and snow Monday into Monday night. We did have around three of four inches of the white stuff yesterday. So I guess that means I will be needing to take a few swipes down my driveway with the snowblower. The only good part is this weather makes it so a person that is able gets a lot of exercise. On another note it is time to plan your vegetable garden for the upcoming growing season. Myself I like to mix up my plants which in turn discourages the unwanted pests. The exception to this is where plants require special protection, like cabbages, broccoli and cauliflower, they may be grown together if they are all going to be protected with netting. I like to cover mine early which discourages the caterpillars, taking it off as they get larger. So will leave you with that. Have a great day and if you are driving today watch for the ice later on. GW

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