Good Morning Port Loring

To start things off it looks and feels like we might be going to get a bit of a storm. I was taking out my ashes from the wood furnace and felt the wind coming from the East. So that isn’t a good sign. Winds from the east isn’t fit for man or beast is the old saying of years ago. Meaning a storm of some kind isn’t too far off. At the moment Highway 522 is bare and dry but I suspect that will change shortly.

There are warnings up all over saying : Snow at times heavy beginning this afternoon and continue into Wednesday. Easterly winds gusting up to 60 km/h may cause near zero visibility.
Total snowfall amounts of 30 to 40 cm are likely before the snow tapers off Wednesday afternoon.
Localized power outages are also possible.

So I suspect my snowblower will be getting a work out after things ease off a touch. We have had a lot of ice this year also. I see in North Bay they have a shortage of salt as everyone is buying it up for their sidewalks and things. Myself I use the ashes from my wood furnace. They work quite well other than being a bit messy for a day or so. But it is better than slipping and falling. So with that I am heading off for a bite to eat. Have a great day.

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