Good Morning

So the snow that they said we were going to get, didn’t occur in amounts. I would say in drifts we maybe have a foot or so, but otherwise around 6 inches. But more is in the forecast for this morning as we might get an additional 5 cm today. Easterly winds gusting up to 60 km/h may cause near zero visibility. It was quite windy at the time of this post. Temperatures waking up weren’t too cold sitting at -4.4 C | 24.08 F I think I will wait till tomorrow to clean the driveway, as we are suppose to see some sunshine then. That will make things more tolerable than trying to clean it out in all this wind an blowing snow. Highway 522 is snow covered, but the plows are going through every so often, keeping things opened up. All kinds of pick up trucks with plows on the front are also out this morning in full force, seeing if they can make a dollar. So I guess some good can come from a snow storm. With that I guess I will go feed my furnace with a couple logs, and then I will have a bite to eat that my lovely wife has prepared for me. Have a great day and stay warm. GW

Hmm, Hot Biscuits , Two-poached eggs and a simmering cup of fresh Perked coffee. Great way to start the day.

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  1. Good Morning George, Great to see you back on the Blog. Love seeing the pictures of the North. Have a great day

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