Buffet and Hutch

Here is another project I made for a lady which she loved. The only issue was, that after I made it, my lovely wife wanted one for her kitchen. So … I made her one. It has floating panel doors and is made out of white and red pine, with a sold back. My lovely wife painted then distressed it. Turned out quite nice. GW

Small Cabinet

Here is a smaller Early American Cabinet I made awhile ago for a customer. It consists of a floating raised panel door, a drawer and two shelves along with a solid back. Made out of white pine, stained in an Early American. Nice piece, the customer liked it a lot. That’s all that matters. I enjoyed making it too which is a plus. GW

Good Morning Port Loring

Well not too cold this morning. Temperatures were sitting at -10.4 C | 13.28 F Overnight we had about 1 inch (2.54 cm) of snow. The good side of things is that I don’t have to clean the driveway today. At the moment we have some light flurries occurring, but they should ease off as the day moves forward. We won’t see too much sun today. Tonight though we will need an extra blanket as it is going to get quite cold, but things will be changing for the better near the end of the week. Highway 522 is snow covered once again, so care should be taken if heading out. Myself I am going to put a new filter in the furnace which needs doing. I like to change mine every month as i found it keeps the air nice and fresh. You can always tell it needs changing when your eyes start to get itchy and you start to sneeze more than normal. I try to not let mine get to that point. So with that I am off to have my breakfast with my lovely wife and while we eat have a game of crib. The one thing my wife and I like a lot and that is playing crib. We usually have an ongoing game. It is one thing that was passed on from my old Dad to me. He loved Crib. Actually if he were here today it would be his birthday. March 3. So If I might, Happy Birthday Dad. GW