Garlic at its Best

Here is a couple pictures of the garlic I planted last year. We had enough to last us all winter, along with sharing some with friends. There is nothing like fresh garlic to give you the energy you need to put out a good days work. It also is a great asset for those suffering from allergies of spring. 1 clove a day is all that is needed. Cooked or eaten raw, either way is beneficial. GW

Fresh out of the garden!
I of four bundles ready to hang for winter.

Picnic Table

Here is a picnic table I made for a lady a few years ago. It turned out well and she was happy. I made it out pine, sealed it, and stained it natural with a coat of marine varnish. It should last for years sitting outside. It took two days to cut out and put together. GW

Good Morning Port Loring

Waking up there is plenty of sunshine to be had for a change. It’s sure nice getting out of bed when the house is full of brightness. Temperatures were sitting at -12.5 C | 9.5 F It is a bit cool but the sunshine should warm things up a bit later on. Tomorrow will be even warmer, with the rest of the week looking more like spring. Highway 522 is bare and dry which will make traveling good. Quiet around town, hardly a car or truck moving up or down the highway. But it is that time of year when folks are taking things easy. It won’t be long before cottages are opening and the tourists start their way north to get away from the cities. With that enjoy your day. GW

Great way to start the day!