Carbon tax

Canada is warming on average at a rate twice as fast as the rest of the world, a new scientific report indicates.

The thing is it has only increased this amount in Canada. And another thing is, it has only increased 1.7C (3F) since 1948. It has taken 70 years to reach this amount. I will say that again … 70 years. To me it is no reason to get upset about. It also is no reason to force this carbon tax on folks. They say they are going to give it back. If this is the case why take it in the first place. Also, what they are giving you back, is just a piece of what we should be getting back, as this tax will raise prices from gas to food to all kinds of things. But the main concern is this. If you tax people to an extent that it hurts, people will start hoarding. When that happens no one wins. There is a lot better ways to save the environment than forcing tax upon companies and the working people. My opinion only.

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