Good Morning Port Loring

Snowy morning with some wind. Winds are coming in from the SW though, which should bring in some warmer weather. Eventually this snow should leave us. Right? Temperatures are a touch warmer than yesterday sitting at -0.3 C | 31.46 F Highway 522 is partially snow covered, so I would think if you don’t have to drive don’t. Why subject yourself to the elements if you don’t have to. Better days are not far off. Today I will be working in the woodworking shop. I just about got our new Head Board done up. Turned out great and will look even better with a couple coats of white paint. Then once dry will bring it into its new home. One reason why I made it was, at nights when I lean up against the wall to read, the bed creeps down and I have to keep straightening up. With the head board that problem should be eliminated. And of course it will be a great new look for our bedroom. So the wife says. LOL With that have a great day. I am off for my morning coffee and a bagel. GW

Have a great day!

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