Good Morning Port Loring.

Rainy morning. Actually raining quite hard which in turn should melt a lot of snow. I will be happy when it is all gone. Been a long winter. Temperatures waking up were sitting at 1.8 C | 35.24 F Highway 522 is bare, but very wet with all the rain. I would think it is a good day to stay home. Relax a bit. That’s what I intend to do. On another note, I had our oil provider drop by yesterday to fill our tank. Not a cheap item on the list anymore. And to make it worse this Carbon Tax that is added, for no good reason, brings up the cost of a tank of oil $30.00. They say they are giving it back which isn’t totally true. Its not just the tax on gas or oil now, as with this new tax everything goes up. Reason being farmers have to charge more, trucking companies have to charge more, so everything goes up, like groceries, clothes you name it. We will pay dearly let me tell you. The worst part of it is, this Carbon tax does nothing in my eyes to help the environment. There are a lot better ways to address this problem than forcing tax on the working man and businesses. Think about this, how can punishing the working man help the environment? If they are giving it back why charge it in the first place? Laughable in some areas and painful in others. My Opinion Only.

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