Buon giorno! Port Loring

Well look at that, we are starting off our day with sunshine for a change. Sure is nice to see. Temperatures were sitting at 11.3 C | 52.34 F A touch cool but it will warm up shortly which should make a great day, other than the Black flies and Mosquitoes. The only way to beat them a wee bit is to wear a bug jacket that fits snugly around your wrists. Travelling should be good today so no reason not to head off to town for supplies and things. My wife and I went a couple days ago, so we are good for a couple weeks. Yesterday we cleaned up around the house here and I finally got our vegetable garden tilled up. Took me three times over to get it to where I like it. This morning we will get to planting our vegetables. There is nothing nicer or healthier than a fresh salad right from your garden topped off with a slice of a homegrown tomato. That is if you don’t cover your plants with chemical fertilizers or pesticides. With that I am off for my morning coffee. Nothing finer than a fresh pot of Italian Coffee to start the day. My wife’s mother was Italian and that was all she ever drank. Hanno un grande giorno. (Have a great day)


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