Good Morning Port Loring

Well we woke up to another beautiful day. Temperatures were sitting at 13.3 C | 55.94 F. It is rising fast so should be nice to sit outside if you can find a place where the mosquitoes and black flies can’t find you. I took a few pictures of a few things this morning and just about got eaten alive. Just can’t get away from them. Travelling should be good. We did manage to plant our vegetable gardens yesterday, it was a chore but it got done. Now it is up to Nature to do the rest other than a bit of hoeing now and then. Nothing like fresh veggies for the table every day. The best part is they are free and you know what you are eating. I have to admit I pig out on salads over the summer months. Today I might just take things a bit easy. Give the old body a rest as I have been pushing it the last few days. With that I am off for an Italian Coffee with my lovely wife, and will let the day unfold around us. GW

Have a great day!

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